Sunday, June 29, 2008


My Most Outrageous Purchase Yet!

I can't thank all you "Frugalistas" enough! Just as the "Craig's List Lady" suggested, On Saturday, I picked my store coupons from the July Easysaver booklet at the front of the store, and the $50 Savings pamphlet at the pharmacy desk. (I even shared extras with friends.) On Sunday I went to the pharmacy after Church, and sure enough, there were store brand diapers marked down to $5.99. I picked up every size 3 and 4 diaper the store had. I even threw in a size 5. I divided my order into sets of three. I gave the cashier my two coupons for each transaction, then took the coupons back to apply them to the next transaction. (Remember--you only get the max value when you purchase your $5.99 packs of diapers in sets of threes.) I repeated this transaction 4 times, and paid $17.68 for the whole kit-n-caboodle. In total, the coupon machine spit out $20.00 in store money (4 coupons worth $5 each.) The diapers are, in effect, free, and I "earned" a $2.32 profit, to boot. But really, how can I thank all of you bloggers out there???? Because the bonus to all of this was the look on my husband's face, LOL! DH is the primary diaper and formula shopper in our house, and I think he was a wee bit skeptical about how much of a savings this was, when compared to what we normally spend on boxes of diapers. But once he pulled out his calculator and realized we had received 402 diapers for free, he was sold.

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