Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CVS Deals For the Day:

Deal #1
(2) Listerine Smart Rinse $3.49/$349ECB (FREE)....(2) Oral B 2-Pack Toothbrushes, save $1.00 at $6.99/$6.99ECB (FREE).....(4 Soy Joys were orig. in this transaction at $4/$4ECB, for the purpose of reaching my $5/$25.) Total: $24.96 Minus: $5/$25, = $19.96, +$1.12tx =$21.08 cash out of pocket. ECB'S Earned: 20.96

**** however, after this transaction I realized that I wasn't getting the $4ECB's I had expected, so I had the cashier deduct them and I substituted 3 Hello Kitty Toothbrushes at $0.75 each...I wound up adding $1.75 cash to my wallet by accident. Hey, I tried to do the honest thing, okay?)

Deal #2
It's been Soy Joy city around here as of late. Soy Joy has been on sale for $1.00 this month. The regular price for Soy Joy is $1.29, and on top of saving 29 cent per bar, CVS offered a 4 Bar $4 /$4ECB deal, and you could do it 5 times. I wish I could figure out how to turn this into a money maker...but I suppose I'll simply have to be happy I got 20 bars for $4.00. (And looking at it another way......if the regular price is $1.29, that means 20 bars would normally be $20.80. So the total savings was $16.80.)

Deal #3
Band-Aids $1.99/$199ECB= FREE....Brut Deoderant $3.19/$3ECB....Brut Anti P. $3.39/$3.00ECB.....(Not in pic....Dutch Country 100% Wheat Bread $3,59) = $26.22+TX, Minus $5ECB/$25, -$6.98ECB, -$13.98ECB = $O.26 cash out of pocket.

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