Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cent$ational Senseo Deal!!!

I want to thank all the frugalistas and deal posters who listed the "Free" Senseo offer! Here's Mine. It came in the mail last Saturday. I think I barely ordered it a week before that.

If you visit the Senseo website, you have the opportunity to take a quiz and "win" a free Senseo Single Pod Coffee Maker. Now, I'm kind of reluctant to call this machine "Free," because you do have to pay $15 shipping and handing. However, when I consider that the average cup of Joe costs me $1.50, and that Senseo includes 8 coffee samples, a spiffy metal tin to hold my pods, and a $2.00 coupon for more coffee, well, in the end I think it's reasonable to say the machine is free.

Now, Senseo is hoping anyone who takes advantage of this deal will recommend the machine to all of their friends. Not only have I recommended this pot to all of my friends and family members, I've recommended it to several strangers as well! It's really cool. I keep it on my desk. The coffee is nice and strong. The cappuccino is quite tasty for something brewed in the convenience of my home. And if you prefer tea on occasion, you can purchase Senseo Tea Pods as well. However, I do have one caveat: one pod is meant to make a 4oz cup of coffee. You'll need to use 2 pods to fill a mug to 8ozs. (Although DH likes his coffee made with one pod and 8ozs of water.) All the same, the cost of two pods is a bargain when compared to what you'll spend on the street. And the cost of the whole shebang, plus the savings you'll reap from not having to get in your car and drive down to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts means it's a great choice for "Frugalistas." Heck...this thing would even make a nice gift. Just don't tell the giftee you got it for free, LOL!

*Edited to add: This machine DOES make a super hot cup of Joe! Just be sure to let the start button's blinking light stop before you push the coffee button.
**Edited to add: The Dark Roast Coffee is INCREDIBLE!!!

Cent$atinal Senseo Deal, Part II!!!
Did anyone notice those boxes of Senseo Coffee that are next to the box the machine came in? Well, shout out to all the folks who posted that the Senseo Variety Packs of 24 Pods could be found at Ross for $0.99!!! I found four boxes at my local Ross store. If these last me the better part of a year, the "Free" Senseo machine may turn out to be the best deal I've received all year. I'm looking forward to the my daily energy boost. On top of that, scientists say women who drink coffee suffer less depression than others, so I'm thinking coffee fits under the category of "health drink" these days. And just think-- now that I have a coffee machine, it might not be so hard to get out of the house anymore. Ohhhh, the productivity!

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