Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Wheels: Mr. Folkes Shops Craig's List

New/Used SUV......................NOT!!!

DH was elated to get this little red wagon for our beach camping trip. $25 on Craig's list. He vows to sell D's old toys to recoup the purchase price.


Wanderer247 said...

The frugal folkes... UR good.
Nicely done. The radio flyer is so iconic. Your faming and composition are fab-u-lous.

Anonymous said...

For the record: This little baby has been paid for, by selling some baby things that we kept in good condition, and no longer needed. First, we sold a toy for $15.00, then a bassinet for $25.00. I know the bassinet is not a toy, but it is a baby item. I count it as half a toy. That adds up, right?

Mr. Folkes.